the untested city blog is an interactive public forum for the exchange of ideas and information over the course of a 12-month journey (and subsequent research) through the world’s newest cities and public realms. While much of this site is dedicated to travelogues, fieldwork, and analysis, ultimately the research hinges on contacts and networks of communication.  This is a call for collaboration.  Interested in learning more?  Get in-touch via the blog.

an invitation for critical urban discourse

untested city refers to the untapped potential of unprecedented rates and scales of development occurring in many parts of the world and to design’s responsibility to act, re-invent, experiment, and respond.  For designers, it is an opportunity to test new ideas in order to re-think the way we are building cities and to address the overlooked consequences of the past.  Design must take on a whole systems thinking – a landscape urbanism meets high-density metropolis approach.  Design is a process of integration at great scope.  It must be multi-disciplinary and collaborative if it is to be sustainable.  It is the opportunity to invent new modes of inhabiting the city at new adjacencies, scales, and flexibilities.  The future of our cities will be determined by anti plans and zones of opportunity.  Only when cities are examined from the roof-top down, can they built from the bottom up.  Our built environments are in need of an overhaul and architecture is the tangible and social interface for urban reconciliation.

A building is not a building.


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