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  1. Hi Nic!

  2. Someone just informed me of the existence of the blog moments ago. My jealousy is already overflowing into the atrium of Railway Exchange Building. Enjoy your adventure, can’t wait to see the next post. Aaron

  3. Getting by. Added bonus points for bringing Cinematic Orchestra to my attention…
    New Pandora station…founded.

    Also do us all a favor and document the metro there. I never got a shot of the touch screen ticket vending machine, it is a thing of beauty. It makes the El seem like Thomas the Tank Engine.

  4. love your pics of rotterdam and the show. you got my favourite slogan of r’dam. i had to laugh- i thought the whole point was that the artist has to live differently to everyone else. berlin was a TOTAL BLAST! sorry you werent there. i held back until i am mine but could bear it no longer. swam to the front and emerged two hours later bathed in love and sweat. my happiest pj show ever, and yes, bee girl. realise now why you didnt want to miss any of the summer school, i was imagining something much more dull and didactic. google material beliefs for some friends of mine considering similar issues in the context of new technologies and designing for life. if you come to london you could give a small informal talk and have a long informal chat. whatever. see you again when a weird coincidence makes it happen. love to mark if you speak to him – i lost him last night, but he was smiling as he disapeared….


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