Madrid moves

Madrid, 54° rain

People in Barcelona told me I would find real Spanish people in Madrid.  Took the train, expecting nothing less. (High speed rail = 350km/h (220mph) and 2.5 hours from Barcelona to Madrid)

Walked a good portion of the city in a few days.  Saw the amazing convergence of old and new that so many European cities are known for.  These are the layers that make existing cities so rich.  Like most European cities, there is an overwhelming design conscience here.  Every tile, paved surface, bench, streetlight, fountain has been thought out, or rethought.

Couldn’t leave without a trip to MVRDV’s Mirador and Herzog & de Meuron’s Caixa Forum.  (For more photos see my flickr page…unfortunately it is blocked in the UAE….so, coming soon)



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