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Indian Institute of Management

I didn’t spend enough time here so I’m planning a return trip.  This is the older Louis Khan section of campus.  The new campus addition (by Bimal Patel) has just been completed…and it looks a lot like the Salk Institute.  This campus is sprawling, a marraige of architecture and public space.  The changing quality of light and space constantly unfold before you.


Sarabhai House

Corbusier designed this private residence for an artist named Anand Sarabhai (who still resides there).  The outside conceals the intimate and barrel vaulted spaces of the interior….but the structure is supporting roof gardens on multiple levels and a water slide to the pool below.  Actually, from inside, the interior blends seamlessly with the outdoors, pivoting partitions are open and allow the breezes to flow through.  Most buildings here incorporate electric ceiling fans to aid in cross-ventilation.  This photo is actually the way no one actually experiences the building, see flickr for more.


Cept University (School of Architecture)

Been spending a lot of time at the school of architecture out here.  I enjoy the campus, designed by Doshi…the buildings are not so different from Wurster Hall.  Large, almost ‘brutalist’ and the windows and doors and partitions are operable.  There are clumps of students always gathered around the courtyards, cafes, and working on laptops in the cool shade, under the buildings.


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