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Walked around more affluent, northern parts of the city today.  Saw Charles Correa’s infamous Kunchunjunga Apartments – he is supposed to reside in the building.  Wish I could gain access to the inside and see the double height spaces from the individual unit perspective.  Also spent a substantial amount of time on Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach, the newer (and upgraded) public hubs of the city.  It was a relief to be out of the tourist areas and observing a more ‘livable’ section of the city.  Staying in Colaba is kind of like booking a room in Fisherman’s Wharf for a taste of San Francisco.  Except it’s India, if that makes sense.  Anyway, had the chance to explore some older buildings off the beaten path and take some photos with a New Zealander.

Amazingly enough, it is possible to find places to relax in this city and they sometimes come when you least expect them.  We passed by a chai cart in the middle of the photo journey and decided to stop for a drink.  Like most carts, it was flung up on the messy ruins of a sidewalk, amidst trash, piles of stone pavers, and two rows of parked motorcycles.  I reached for the steaming glass of tea and then searched for a bit of clear ground to stand on.  An older Indian man nearby patted the seat of one of the dusty bikes. I looked at him, hesitatingly…. he motioned again toward the bike as if to say, rest here.  “You can’t do this in your country, but you can here.  Enjoy it.”
And I did.


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