Public space in Hong Kong

In an extremely diverse city like Hong Kong, new and very different forms of public space emerge from the collisions of cultures and local traditions.  Public space practices adapt, transform.  Here in Hong Kong, topography and density produce stacked and layered public places.  Is this what San Francisco might look like in 100 years?  A few public space encounters on Hong Kong Island:


Fantastic public service in Causeway Bay and yet another photo op for those trigger happy Chinese tourists


The city is a beach: the maids of Hong Kong take over the public right of way on their day off.  We’ve always discussed this phenomena at school as it happens under the expansive open space of the Bank of Hong Kong.  However, I saw it happening in many places around Causeway Bay, including the pedestrian overpasses, sidewalks, and edges of Victoria Park.  Literally, it’s a beach party without the sand and surf.  Inexpensive food huts spring up for the occasion.  Young guys are selling plastic garbage bags (the beach blankets).  There are makeovers and gossip, eating and singing, massages and cell phone conversations on this weekly vacation.


The network of elevated walkways that weaves through a huge chunk of the central business district.  There is something like the longest escalator in the world near steep Lan Kwai Fong St.


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