I take mine black, Dōmo arigatō


Feels like I’ve been in the corridors of airports and cavities of trains and busses for about a week straight.  There’s been much back-and-forth from Seoul, Beijing, and now Tokyo.  The ‘architectural movement systems’ are all blurring together and I’m not so sure I really know what day or hour it is anymore.  I’m glad to be in Tokyo where there will be time to stop and smell the architecture.  Upon first glance, it is so fresh and so clean.

Also, I’m about the only one not wearing the obligatory swine-flu surgical mask.  Tokyo’s airport was checking temperatures and asking whether we had been in contact with any Americans or Mexicans within the last 10 days!  Luckily, we were only guilty of being in contact with Chinese and Korean people.  Wait a second….what does ‘contact’ mean, anyway?

For the first time since I began this Asian leg of the trip, I am joined by dozens of local people on my morning jog.  It is a refreshing welcome to Japan and it takes place in nothing short of a majestic setting.  I’m circling the 3.41 sq. kilometers of the Imperial Palace grounds, beside the grand moat, amidst the evergreens, marveling at the public space of this recreational park-in-the-city.  If you happen to be there, I’m wearing the bright blue t-shirt.  Shout loud enough, and I’ll hear you over the music.


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